Zeuss in Fast Company

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Fast Company Magazine Zeuss 2017

Zeuss was recently featured in Fast Company’s Innovation Agents section on April 3, 2017 for the work we are doing in the DOD and IC communities. Here’s an excerpt: “The Byzantine process of submitting a bid or becoming a government contractor — especially one with the security clearances needed to work with intelligence agencies or special ops forces — can … Read More

Rethinking the Business Card – Steal our design to make yourself memorable

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At Zeuss, our goal is to build products that facilitate a more productive and efficient workday by uncovering knowledge and making it useful. When we build our software solutions we take into account not only the problem to be solved, but also how people already behave to design a solution that doesn’t require a material change users’ existing behavior. Changing … Read More


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What you’ll find here are thoughts on product design, managing the knowledge with your organization, how to make big data useful, human-computer interaction, and sometimes just thoughts we are having around a particular topic that’s interesting. Our main goal is for you to be able to get to know us, how we think, and our approach to building software that … Read More