What is Zeuss?

Zeuss is an Enterprise Information Management (EIM) company. Our Olympus Data Intelligence Engine unlocks your organization’s digital assets, providing your personnel with the critical information they need to accomplish the mission.

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Relationship Management

Your friendly network contains a wealth of information. Knowing who has met with whom, when, where, and why, gives you the situational awareness you need while avoiding duplicate efforts. But surfacing this information is nearly impossible with existing solutions.

Zeuss automatically maps your friendly network by analyzing the human relationships embedded in your organization’s email, chat, calendar, after action reports, and engagement databases. Combined with geospatial mapping capability, this provides a 360° view of your organization’s relationship capital.


Staff rotation and turnover is a huge drag on productivity. Transitioning into a new position can take months before full operational efficiency is achieved. Even with formal continuity plans in place, crucial domain knowledge has already left the building.

Zeuss facilitates improved continuity by providing replacement staff with actionable insights derived from historical communications related to a position. The most important people, messages, networks, documents and events are unlocked, significantly reducing ramp-up time.

Knowledge Management

We’ve all been there – you need to find an important piece of information buried somewhere in your many inboxes or chat histories, but you can’t remember where.

If this sounds all too familiar it’s because we spend an average of 9.5[1] hrs per week just searching for information within our existing content repositories. Given this inefficiency, less time is available for higher-value activities such as analyzing or creating content.

Zeuss Olympus ends the frustration of traditional search by aggregating your data siloes and automatically categorizing information, allowing you to intuitively discover information the way your mind naturally works – by associations.

By helping find actionable answers to your questions faster, Zeuss becomes a force-multiplier for your command.

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